Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Love for RED

As you will notice on all my bags, I love colour !
This shoulder bag is custom made for someone which fell in love with the yellow purse i was showing yesterday. She liked the embroidery  and wanted a red purse with same desing. I’ve made two of the red bags, one for the customer and one for myself. You will see slight difference at the handles shape and colour of the lining is different. 

I was already wearing my red lady a lot this summer, has really the best shape, size and this shinny, patent faux leather is wearing great! 

Love, Diana

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yellow mood- the first i bag made on order

This yellow beauty I made specially for my mother. She wanted a yellow purse embroidered with a rose, so said so made J I was also embroidering some really nice yellow roses on a (black) top for mom, so she will be on style if/when wearing them together J

The pion-rose in the background is really a joy in our garden, each spring is full with beautiful flowers, is smelling divine and definitely was an inspiration for this bag…
Bag is inspired after Lola-a pattern by Swoon, but this is my own version of it, as I was already figuring out that for this shape I can craft own pattern easily. It was a success as after I was showing this purse I got more bag orders,  in different color, but that will be a story for my next post.

I really like the small polka dots lining combined with the shiny vinyl in the shell 

Love, Diana

Monday, January 9, 2017

Post with no name

Post with no name- or just because i like to share my (almost)new addiction with the rest of the crafty world out there.
All my live I have been in love with creating something new, something nice, something made by me. I used to spend lots of time creating my own jewelry, for a living I work in fashion sector, so I often play with gorgeous fabrics and beautiful dresses, to have fun I make nice dresses for my little daughter (and her dolls) and in the last time I’ve got a new virus: crafting my own purses.
I sometimes craft my own pattern, sometimes I use pattern created by some other talented designers, other times I adjust patterns I already have, and mostly I dream about my next project.
I hope to be able to keep this blog updates with my newest projects and hope will meet some more crafty friends.

Below you can see my fist bag. This was made almost one year ago, with a Swoon pattern. Is really a beautiful bag and the pattern is so well made that addicted me into this craft.
Say hello to Harriet- expandable tote, in beautiful check fabric with a twist of sparkle.

Love, Diana